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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Media mafia

Media mafia.
Media when are you going to become positive, responsible and sincere to yourself and the nation?
I would like all half baked, biased, narrow minded, externally funded  media  houses to make their reporters read enough of sociology, psychology, socio-psychology , politics or at least stick on to seeing facts as they are before they sit on judgment  on everyone, analyze every issue and act as self appointed know –all and judge-all experts.
The whole media seems to be obsessed with religion either pandering to, pampering or provoking some religious outfit, religious sentiments etc which then get labeled as either saffron fringe, Hindutva brigade, Salvation Army, minority appeasement, secularists [which by connotation in Indian context is now, known to whole world as clearly anti-progressive collective vote bank] etc. The saddest part is they do all these while discussing and debating politics, governance and economic development or they become intentionally oblivious to these aspects.
They are unable to see society as made of human beings of various social statuses each working hard and wishing and hoping to improve their lives and not at all bothered about which religion they follow.
It is the religious zealots and those who practice religion as a business or as a profession and who are keen on projecting or promoting the number of adherents to their particular faith/religion who are bothered about religion and who are a minority who subjugate the rest.
Now the media too is very keen on promoting certain religious outfits who are as per prevailing labels are either the Hindutva brand or non Hindutva who are bracketed as secular/minorities etc.
This is purely because the media is keener on sensationalism and scandals rather than educating the people about important issues of economic growth, development and all activities related with that. Thus the media is diverting the attention of the people from real issues that matter.
The media is keener on creating groups within and among Indians and pit one against the other and watch the fight and fun so that it will have sensational and emotion whipping programs in their channels and newspapers.
In the book ‘MICROMOTIVES AND MACRO BEHAVIOR’ the economist THOMAS SCHELLING explained many social phenomena that are unplanned and often unwanted but that emerge from people making individual choices that affect the choice of others. He gives very pertinent example in US that a city can become segregated, not from an apartheid policy and not because anyone wants to live exclusively with people of their own race, but because no one wants to be in too small a minority in their neighborhood. Eventually all- white neighborhoods and all- black neighborhoods emerge.
Whatever the media is doing is going to help BJP in the long run because by constantly repeating and branding all non Hindus as seculars and casting aspersion on them as likely to vote as a group/herd of sheep without thinking purely because of their religious affiliation [which is actually insulting them and their independent thinking] and branding them as anti BJP they are inadvertently instigating all Hindus to unite and to vote en bloc for BJP. So even without anyone having to do anything, thanks to the media’s selective amnesia and attacks, all Hindus now know whom to vote for.

Having said that India has produced so far only one most popular leader with lot of positive qualities, dedicated mission and focused goal, though he failed miserably in his political moves i.e. The great Mahatma Gandhi who made the country united to drive away the colonial rulers and declared immediately the  group or brand name of that huge group used for carrying out that goal unfortunately called ‘congress’ [ which brand name was later on misused enormously and he visualized  it] and rightly wanted it to be dismantled as it served its purpose of  a scaffolding to build the nation or fulcrum to drive away the colonial masters. 
India has produced many great stalwarts like Dr. B.R . Ambedkar, Rajaji, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, DR. Zakir Hussein, Dr. Babu Rajendra Prasad etc who were sidelined for various reasons or  were silenced with some titular posts.
Other than these India has produced only five great leaders with real vision matched with missionary zeal to unite the nation, to develop the economy and improve the lives of Indians.
They are Sardar Vallabhai  Patel, Morarji Desai, P.V. Narasimha Rao, Atal Behari Vajpayee and Narendara Modi.
Unbiased global observers, economists, political analysts and historians will recognize their respective intentions, contributions, activities, impact and impeccable mark on Indian history despite all the leftists novels promoted as history, petty paid media babbles against their good work and the media’s intentional indifference towards their contributions.
So, AAP’s victory is in no way anti-BJP or anti-Hindutva or pro minority or pro fatwa [don’t make it sound as if all Muslims are anti –India, in fact many Muslims contribute a lot to India and they are very much part of main stream India- it is only the media which projects them as anti –India] AAP’s victory is an aberration which has resulted in success and success covers all blunders. Like  V.P. Singh episode AK will stoop to any level and create any new chaos to hang on to power  and popularity. AAP’s antecedents and affiliations are dangerous to everyone and now RAW and other intelligence agencies must work over time to ensure security to Delhites.

Having said all these things, MODI must actively do what Mahatma wanted to do to the congress. He must keep the fanatic fringes of RSS away or under check or totally do away with them and instead concentrate on delivering the promises as he is already doing one by one, a bit quickly; build a good team with some more leaders with similar vision; build the party which can stand on its own and ensure to take India forward without the need and dependence always on RSS cadres for field work and the tall leadership of one MODI.
When the party is strengthened as a corporate house with a goal encouraging efficient professionals then it will pay dividends in the long run. Part of the reason for BJP’s defeat in Delhi was also due to RSS’s lack of support to the nominated candidate of the party. In a way RSS cadres are dictating terms. Stop all these Gar vapsis and check NGO routes and Hawala routes to conversions etc.
People want food, water, shelter, education, employment, electricity, mobile phones, lap tops etc and they also will gradually know what or who can provide them with all these, definitely not any scripture , not any mahasabha, not any fatwa.

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