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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Media's uselessness

Media is getting buried with the pseudo secularists and the left and it could be one of the best moves of this government because half baked arm chair critics sitting in the comforts of air conditioned media studios and print media houses were acting as know all scholars sitting on judgment over everything combined with on the one hand a selective amnesia towards their pay master political outfits [pseudo secularists] and were blind to their corrupt politicians and also their ideology indoctrinating the left over lefts and never reported their negative contribution to the Indian economy , peace and harmony and on the other hand collective indifference to all the good work that were being done by many outfits political and otherwise. 

Media on the whole was only concentrating in protecting the dubious funders, sensationalism,scandals and all other negative activities against the interests of the nation and harmony among its people. Now their very vital tool of gossips and leaks through power brokers in the corridors of Government of India has been broken and the government and ministers are not engaged in any clandestine deals or oneupmanship activities with deliberate half leaks to the select media houses etc the media is losing its importance and it deserves only this for all the nasty levels to which they stooped against the nation and its people. Modi and co continue in the same vein and push away the popular media houses' relevance as much as possible .They even created a new political outfit [AAP] to split the anti- corruption and anti congress votes and engaged in a relentless sponsored lies in the form of anti -Modi tirade and anti -Gujarath model etc.

Read this latest . 

But I wrote long back the obvious which these petty media wallahs never bothered to notice as they were living the euphoria of heavy pay checks . Not a single media house condemned the Jallian wala bagh of post independent India perpetrated on the innocent people who were sleeping at Baba Ramdev's meeting. The ghost of that poor lady Bala will definitely haunt Congress and the media for many more years and especially those who were directly responsible for that massacre




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