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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pseudo secularists and anti- Modi brigade

 rejoinder to 

India can do better than Modi or Rahul by T.M.Krishna

Dear TMK,
Unfortunately I do not have the luxury of either excess time at my disposal or the sponsorship of either The Hindu family or Congress party.
Since you are a musician by profession and I do admire a few of your renderings I thought I would like the musical terminology or comparisons to drive the point into your head, but before that you need to learn the grammar of evaluations and judgments on any subject.[A] I shall lecture you on that later on when I get time and when you have time.

Would you evaluate the beauty of the raga based on how it is rendered or based on what composition one sings in that raga.

Evaluate politicians based on their performance and governance as a track record and not media profiling because the media makes Afsal Guru a martyr whereas the police personnel who lost their life trying to protect all politicians as not news worthy entities.

Saint Tyagaraja and music director Ilayaraja both have three things in common as human beings the words Raja in their names, both lived in some part of Tamil Nadu and both composed music but if any musician ventures to compare them for these reasons then the best we can do to such comparisons is to avoid reading them as that only goes to prove the utter ignorance of the subject and if that person goes on to claim that Saint Tyagaraja was confined to only few carnatic ragas whereas Ilayaraja was a great genius who created many original ad catchy tunes. Then there must be something totally wrong with the very perception [B] of music by that person.
I am willing to forgo the money from congress and sponsorship of my opinions by The Hindu and miss the band wagon of popular pseudo secularism peddlers, arm chair leftist ideologist [an ideology like the ones promoted by Ram of The Hindu which needs to be kept in attic of museums] and the other paid media reporters and declare boldly the facts as I have witnessed them after touring several places of Gujarath and knowing completely well that MODI has paid total attention both to  the micro level and from the macro level of various aspects of development not only economic but social, cultural, intellectual etc benefiting  all the sections of the society.

He has done and not merely talked. If you shun your prejudices you can go and witness them yourself. Incidentally the only state in India where all the dead Sahitya kartha’s families were honoured, unlike here where I visited the ancestral home of  Saint Tyagaraja at Tiruvarur, sat there , cried, took some photos and made one of my friends write an article with that photo in The Indian Express as Hindu won’t be interested writing about such issue and would rather write a big sick column about the dresses of women artists with a condescending tone.
None of you young budding musicians have bothered to attend to the family of Saint Tyagaraja or his ancestral home, though you people make decent money [please note that I do not complain I welcome that].For your kind information for many years when the small temple at the Samadhi of Saint Tyagaraja, where all the musicians pompously pose for that once in a year ritual called TYAGARAJA ARDHANAI with rendering of PANCHARATHNA KRITIS, did not have money to buy oil to light the lamp every day. It was one Telugu businessman, incidentally known to me, who then sponsored for that oil.

I suggest you better attend to a small sector of very small section of musical stalwarts whose contribution to the world of music is immense before you start to criticise someone as big as MODI who thinks about bring back the glory that belongs to this country through the present contextually relevant realms of activity  namely economic and commercial development through promoting agriculture, education, scientific and technological research and development, skill and intellectual development of youth etc weeding out terrorism and anti national activities and put the map of India as a super power in the world atlas and bring the pride of ancestry to the contextually relevant and practically applicable philosophical ideologies and concepts which were practiced in this land and also the religious traditions which can contribute to intrinsically to enhance the body and mind of the individual and promote the welfare of the society . If you can contribute in any way to this endeavour please do in whatever way you can.
I would not like to comment anything about the other chap about whom you talk as I am not good at evaluating people who become popular without merit and who even after becoming popular through other means like media created hype remain epitome of ignorance and who have so for not contributed in any way to the nation nor show any signs of doing so.
In fact I would have been happier had you compared yourself with MODI at least in carnatic music you have enough merit and are capable of contributing something to the economy and the society through your concerts.
Incidentally I have dabbled both in media and music [carnatic music].

A] while judging and  exploring the facts we must desist getting distracted from the following major traps:-
1] Mutilating the facts,
2] Analyzing them with preconceived notions or prejudices,
3] Generalizing the particular and particularizing the general,
4] Approaching facts with unloving criticism or uncritical love,
5] Evaluating facts with our pet isms or philosophies,
6] Resorting to statistical justifications,
7] Unleashing unworkable utopia,
8] Mask them with logical fallacies,
9] Bury them in pleasant jargons, and
10] Give historical justifications.
Our attitudes are a matter of evaluations.
Attitudes are formed as a result of this ongoing process of evaluations. We all constantly evaluate everything, everyone and various aspects of our environment. So to ensure correct attitude we must analyze what are the tools with which/basis on which we evaluate? The methods we adopt to evaluate? And how we evaluate? All these, in turn, will determine to a great extent our attitude in most of the cases.

This will also give us an idea whether our attitude influences our behavior or our behavior influences our attitude.

Evaluate the purpose of life by the amount of happiness you have given to others.

Evaluate the value of life by the extent you have been useful to others.

Evaluate the meaning of life by the love you give to others.

Evaluate the destiny of life by the amount of love you get from others.

Evaluate the quality of your life by your attitudes.

Evaluate the wisdom of your life by the experience you have gained and the lessons you have learnt and the knowledge you have acquired from your experiments and actions.

Evaluate the worthiness of your life by the amount of or extent of realizations you have had.

Evaluate the totality of life not by owning anything or even trying to own life itself but by living life.

But the best way to evaluate life is to live it.

And you live based on what you have and who you are.

B] It is not often our perception but the scale of observation and frames of reference which create the phenomenon. The scale of observation depends on man; it is he who creates it. In nature, different scales of observation do not exist. There is only one immense, harmonious phenomenon on a scale which, in general, escapes man. The structure of man's brain necessitates dividing into arbitrary compartments and cutting up into isolated pieces. With the aid of several instruments science creates more phantasmagoria: "on our scale of human observation, as pointed out before, the edge of a razor-blade is a continuous line. On the microscopic scale, it is a broken but solid line. On the chemic scale we have atoms of iron and carbon. On the sub-atomic scale we have electrons in perpetual motion which travel at the rate of several thousand miles per second. All these phenomena are in reality the manifestations of the same basic phenomenon, the motions of the electrons. The only difference which exists between them is the scale of observation" [Human Destiny, Lecomte du Nuoy- a marvelous book that everyone must read

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BalajiS said...

Thanks for excellent rejointer.

Hope you had sent this to TMK.

Should suggest to read the MODINAMA series by MADHU KISHWAR in

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