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Monday, November 19, 2012

Districts of India -Andhra –Districts in Andhra

Districts of India
Andhra –Districts in Andhra

I am planning to write in detail about each and every district in India.
So that we as Indians and the rest the world know not only the vast geographical area of India but also what are the things that they have  contributed and  continue to contribute to the world either through  the rich resources, resourceful individuals and resplendent culture.
Emphasis will be more on the interesting contributions to culture, art, architecture, science, spirituality, philosophy of life, its rich resources, its geographical specialities, a bit of its history, a brief biography of the stalwarts who have enlightened others, enhanced life, and entertained and empowered society on the whole, and these are mostly about individuals who lived in the past  and some living at present too who have made their contributions in many fields which has made our nation proud and put that region in the world atlas.
I have omitted in this arena all politicians, film personalities, sports persons, business men as that would make it very voluminous. Besides, these personalities anyway get written about a lot, very often rather disproportionately, compared to the contributors in other fields of life.
I initially had a hesitation as to start from which district. Then I decided to go alphabetically state wise. So I am starting with ANDRAPRADESH which represents the national psyche in a nut shell through its variety, harmony in variety, its rich cultural heritage and above all it has produced some of the greatest international personalities who have exhibited and enthralled the world not only with their extraordinary genius and brilliance but also have the manifested the pinnacle of the field of their activity, that too by their sheer enlightenment, uniqueness and unparalleled original creativity.
It has one of the sweetest and most musical language, Telugu, as complimented by none other than one of the greatest poets of India, Subramanya Bharthiyar, a Tamil poet.
I shall be writing about hundreds of short biographies of the great souls of Andra and Telugu language but to give you a small sample let me mention two or three whose imprint in the world and impact on human souls is unparalleled in the history of humanity namely the greatest philosopher J.Krishnamurthy and the greatest music composer Saint Tyagaraja and Sri Satya Sai baba of Puttapurthi.
Before I write about the districts of Andhra I must write clearly about the following  four  things:-
1] Andhra what is the etymology of this word?and how? and when the state of Andhra Pradesh took birth Officially?- In the context of this Chapter I would like to place on record that I have only culled out information from several sources and presenting them without any deep or divergent interpretations or personal write ups.
2] The sweet language Telugu. How it got its name and its many manifestations. Here too I would like to place on record that I have only culled out information from several sources and presenting them without any deep or divergent interpretations or personal write ups.
3] The great Vijanagara King krishnadevaraya
4] Kuchipudi Dance –its origin and relevant details.
After these two Chapters on Andhra and Telugu  let us go into the slides on various districts of Andrapradesh. In some places I have indicated within the slides of the district the biography of the great personalities who were either born in that district or have made their contribution to that district.
In other cases there will be a detailed write up about the field of art or culture wherein the biography of the stalwarts will appear and in some cases the biographies are written separately, purely because their impact and importance is universal as in the case J.Krishnamurthy , Saint Tyagaraja etc                                        

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