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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Book Of Wisdom

In THE SEVEN MYSTERIES OF LIFE' by GUY MURCHIE explains very  nicely, scientifically and philosophically the wisdom as experienced by enlightened souls.

I would equate this book with any great scripture of the world but a scripture for the educated people, for the intellectually advanced souls and the scientifically probing minds.

It is a very essential book for anyone who is interested in understanding and learning about life in its totality without any prejudice or conditioning either religious or social or cultural or ideological, but based on pure facts as they are. 

Any education or academic qualification with a reading of this book would enhance the understanding of the subject better through the very broad approaches it makes in to any area of life.

It is so unique that it beats many encyclopedias in information; it surpasses many scriptures in its wisdom and overwhelms everyone with its interpretation and as for language it is marvelously poetic.

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