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Thursday, April 12, 2012

positives about chennai

positives about chennai

1] it has rich heritage and culture retained in tact by culturally sound and sane elders and youth both.

2] cost of living is comparatively less than other metros

3] has good and great number of hospitals and educational institutions 

4] being more conservative have not got spoiled to that extent by the negative western influences like too many cafe coffee days or too many kfc outlets or too many pizza outlets

5] when you talk of lack of Hindi speakers bla bla it is perhaps the only state in the whole of India where any Westerner can board a bus anywhere because you have place names in English also not only in the local language and internationally recognizable numbers unlike in many states like maharashtra where you hav emarathi numbers, in gujarath you have number sin gujarathi etc

6] everywhere almost anyone can at least understand and to a certain extent speak in English

7] after there are only three things that are common and unites all Indians across India irrespective of caste, religion, region etc and they are, 2.railways 3. English all the three unfortunately the gift of the Britishers. 

8] Though unfortunately we have done away with other aspects which united we Indians namely belief and practice of Sanathana Dharma with all or as many of its components; respect for elders and Hindu religious edicts and the concomitant basic value system and wisdom of respecting human and humane values and even worshiping environment leave alone protecting it; study and research into the multitudes of our scriptures; natural hospitality shown to any one from any region, religion or country; imparting to everyone the essence and importance of all the philosophical, rational and life enhancing and soul enlightening aspects of Sanathana Dharma through native forms of Folk dramas, folk arts,folk story telling methods, serious religious discourses like katha kalashebhams etc as tools for imparting the derived wisdom to people with various levels of or capacities of understanding all of these have been very cleverly and cunningly replaced by methodically worked out tools meant to psychologically wean the youth from the above mentioned great traditional aspects.

9] flip side of this argument is in many cases we all have rather remained indifferent to the changes effected as a hidden agenda naturally by some vested interested groups about which we need not worry, especially now, as the damage has already been done

10] besides inherently we were also to be blamed to a very great extent that our pride in our rich ancestry almost drove us to a sense of absolute complacency , abysmal levels of  self and critical analysis required for updating to the changing times and trends coupled with the necessity to make a living [ material survival] taking  a higher priority over living a life peacefully, properly and with constant philosophical probing into life and its mystery.This is perhaps the reason that the amount [ as percentage of  global input and output] of great contribution from this great land has comparatively reduced in many spheres of life be it original creativity, scientific discoveries, inventions, adventures, critical and philosophical analysis etc 

11] If only we had continued with the same amount of wisdom as our ancient seers, sages and scholars have had almost 90% of all the Nobel Prizes in Sciences and Literature should have been  won by us.

12] We need to really look into where have we faulted? How we can address these issues and rectify them? 

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