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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


To me , as I presume it is to many who sincerely seek intrinsically valuable answers to many aspects of life, nothing kicks off without doubts, questions, arguments,contradictions,confusing contemplation etc. Invariably when we doubt, we enter into real search and inquiry. When in doubt, of course, nowadays we resort to google which throws up lots of material good, bad, ugly ,authentic and unauthenticated etc.

When we seek answers and solutions to many of our intellectually and emotionally incomprehensible and unjustifiable happenings and events surprisingly we somehow get lots of answers from multiple sources but when our soul seeks sincerely some clarifications for certain things about which we all suffer from varying degrees of ignorance, not knowledge, intellectually, psychologically etc as they seem to operate beyond the ken of all normal modes of perception, then serendipity submerges us somehow from totally unexpected, unheard of, unrelated and hitherto unknown sources as if it hammer one more nail into our coffin of doubts.

This happened to me just a week ago when I visited my kuladeivam temple in a small village with not a single proper road and none of the cow dung littered and hay stack strewn narrow lanes will allow any big car to wade through.

I have visited many great, big, well known temples in India but then there is some indescribable strong vibration in the temples here. Cutting  everything short and come to the subject, it is a temple in Renganathapuram village, some 35kms from Rajamannargudi, called SASTHAVEERAPAN KOIL and MAHAKALI TEMPLE.

What is the doubt and what is unique about this temple? Sasthaveerapan temple is unique in that it is a open temple no walls , no fence and no ceiling, it is just open to air.
Of course the first ubiquitous Vinayagar

Veerapa swami’s statue is mounted on the floor with a small grilled enclosure [recently made] without any roof ,

and on a slightly raised platform you have three rectangular stones representing Sastha, poorna pushkala


Well it seems when some people gathered together and tried building a roof to cover the temple ,not only the roof crumbled at once, also those who got themselves engaged in that venture got injuries.
Again much against the advice of elderly locals someone started building the compound wall, though not fully completed, around this temple and as soon as he started the project his hand got cut while travelling in a train.
Before you enter into this small village with less than 10 lanes there is a
MAHAKALI TEMPLE with a small pond nearby.

This Mahakali is facing a deity of PEECHAYEE and SHYAMALA DEVI. This Maha Kali and PEECHAYEE bless all the natives of this village either still living there or living anywhere else in the world proficiency in speech and languages, a fact that I verified with at least some 50 people of this village who are now in different parts of the world.

Coming back to my soul searching for answers and serendipity submerging me.

Well, I was wondering why should a temple not have a roof, or wall or fence like all other temple? What force is preventing some people from building the roof and fences? With these doubts after almost 20 hours of tiresome travel and after performing abhishegam at MAHAKALI TEMPLE on 13th April 2011,I retired with utter fatigue and unbearable pain in my leg to my room and stretched on the cot to slip into slumber. At once something shook me and forced me to call one of the villager who had a TVS 50 to take me to some nearby village to withdraw some money from an ATM , Which originally I was planning to do the next day.

 He said, his wife too wanted to get some flowers and fruits for the newyear celebration on 14th April and therefore said he would take me to a town with market some 5 kms away I said yes. We went there, I withdrew the cash in 5 mts then as he was taking some time to get the fruits and flowers I started looking around for some English newspaper to read at night .there was not any, then suddenly my eyes fell on a Tamil Magazine called TIRISAKTHI dt 16th to 30th April with gurupeyarchi palan I thought why not read that and I got it, otherwise my plan was to listen to GNBs songs that I had in my mobile.

When I reached the room I was so thirsty I grabbed for water the magazine fell from my hand and opened on page 72 as if to stimulate the 72 major Nadis in the body or the multiple ragas which emanate from the 72mela karthas as I picked it up it read as ‘nee veli ,nan thuli’ wow I just sat where I was with very dim light due to low voltage and read that wonderful article by SUKI.SIVAM explaining the meaning excellently of the 16th stanza of ABIRAMI ANDHADI [COPY ENCLOSED-with just superficial meaning by kannadasan] the final paragraph of that article ends as “pancha boodhangalaga virivadaindha mahashakthi nammilum ul adanghi,kadandhum,ullum irupadhai unarndhu nyani yaadhal kadavulai unardhal[realize]”

I was made to read it 4 times on the same night then I realized why Sastha veerapan temple is like that . it manifest the five elements it is in stones[earth], surrounded by a small pond and canal [water],always there is either a gentle breeze or strong wind[ air], there is always that lamp or yagam [fire] . All these may be or are present in most of the temples but the whole temple being open to sky manifesting the fifth element [akash/veli] is rare. This temple I have been told has made all those, who had some of their ancestors who lived here, who never knew anything about this remote village and who are now holding high position in many countries to somehow or other make a trip. Thus here we find the manifestation of the 5 (Panch) Mahaa Bhoothams - Earth, Air, Fire, Sky, Water which form,frame,help in functioning and fortifying us from the 5 Gyaan Indriyangal - Skin, Tongue, Eyes, Ears, Nose which provide the five main 5 (Panch) Tanmaatraas - pleasures of Gyaan Indriyaan (Touch, Taste, Seeing, sound, Smell) along with 5 Karm Indriyangal - Hands, Feet, Speech, Reproduction organs, Anus

Incidentally three people two no more who were clairvoyants and who had premonitions have described me exactly how my kuladeivam temple , this SASTHAVEERAPAN KOIL would look like without my either telling them. In fact , I made the first visit only after a guruji told me to do so in 1997 and started seriously doing abhishegams etc again after another good astrologer gave a graphic description with importance of its power in 2005 he also never knew this temple.
In fact when I started on 12th April against the advice of many and without much transport available and leaving midway a serious write up on Rama which started on that day being Ramanavami I had a very pleasant dharshan and cap it all on 14th immediately after the 5 hours of lakhsarchai and karpura deepa aradhani at 1.30 there was a heavy downpour with lusty winds for almost 45 minutes and it was only at Renganadha puram because I along with 4 others left at 2.30 and travelled via Mannargudi and there was not even a drop of rain at Mannarkudi .


simi said...

hello Balayogi,

I am in Australia and i am so happy to see your blog with our veerappa swami photos in it.It is our kuladevam too.thanks for the blog and making renganathapuram veerapan swamy famous.I visit India almost everyeear and also come to renganathpuram. My village is tenpathi.I hope the poojari of the temple is in good health as he was getting elder by age. if possible contact me at

mrs.murali said...

IaM really surprised and astonished, bcos we are also in search of our kula deivam.something tells me that this is the place.weare bharathwaja gothram aiyar people later settled in kumbakonam and now live in inlaws are no more andwe have nodaayadhi fatherinlaws name is krishnaswami and his fathers name was jayaraman


Pratibha Gudibande said...


It was great reading your blog. My in-laws are from Thirutharaipoondi and I have been looking for information on Sastha Veerappan temple for quite some time. We plan to visit there shortly, can you share any contact information you might have so that I can get some more details?

Anonymous said...


Sastha Veerappan said...

Please see this website for additional information about sastha veerappan kula deivam

Gopikrishnan T said...

Hi Balayogi and everyone... hope this blog is still alive as I need some help from you people. Me and my mom were in search of our kuladeivam for over a decade, but we couldn't find it. My father's family being non-believers lost track of this thing and to make it worse, we couldn't track their relatives or clans. last month we went to try our luck in my father's native place where he was brought up (Tiruvarur, vijayapuram). We managed to find a neighbor where my father's family used to live. We told them our problem. To our surprise they know the kuladeivam that our father's family used to worship and they told us one place first, but after some thought they corrected it and told that it is veerappan temple in renganathapuram. we went to the temple today, everything is fine. But I am a bit skeptical as need some confirmation on this. My question is could this be our kula deivam? Our community is vanniyar. My father's name is Thiagarajan. My grandfather's name is Gopalakrishnan. They lived in Tiruvarur, Vijayapuram. If anyone out there know something to help me out in this regard or just to guide us to the right direction, it will be a pleasure. Thank you.

L Sanjay said...

Hi there.
Very useful writeup. I am visiting my Kuladheivam along with family to Ranganathapuram end-December 2016.

Thanks a lot for the address and post. Very useful.

Kind regards,

L Sanjay
my email