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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Idea of ideal India

All these three terms have to be very clearly defined, at least with legal fraternity conducting it, i.e. Idea, Ideal, India.

Without clarity in definition it is difficult to proceed based on wishes, conjectures and vague assumptions.

Debates with differing views are conducted with lot of dignity and panache in BBC. I shall give just one link to show how it is done even on very controversial topic without politicizing, sensationalizing, or extrapolating it with any exterior influence or propagating it with any ulterior motive or hidden agenda.

Besides, ideas too,  like everything else emerge and evolve in due course not necessarily sponsored by any individual or group but by the exigencies of life’s imperatives and as a result of the churning process of life and ends up injecting meaning to life itself.

The individual who delivers those ideas or the group that espouses such ideas are just the privileged and trust worthy means or tools.

It is ideas whose time has come and in certain cases it is hastened due to excessive depravity, crisis or damage that want of such ideas can cause.

How to have a dignified debate or discussion? [You may listen to it at your leisure time]
Very interesting group discussion on evolution especially with reference to gender
The Darwin Debate: Steven Pinker, Jonathan Miller, Steve Jones and Meredith Small - BBC

Coming back to the very interesting topic ‘Idea of ideal India’, and unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of changing the topic as ‘Idea for a greater or better India’.

However, I request, the organizers, if possible to slightly ensure contextualizing the topic as ‘Idea of ideal India at the moment’ as that would not imply there was never an ideal India before and also ensure the speakers to confine to context rather than resurrecting selectively historical events or issues or individuals, though those things could be very spicy but not in Chennai’s heat.

In fact the most ideal thing is not even to confine the idea of a nation by identifying it to a real estate space in atlas with a name but to the real contributions it has made, makes and its willingness and ability to create conducive atmosphere to others everywhere to make similar contributions or at least enjoy the benefits of such contribution for the sake of all species inhabiting a planet called earth.

Hence forth for reasons of brevity let if we confine the ideas and ideals to human species.

When we look from any perspective the practically at the functioning real world out there, we know, that it does not allow a very conducive and cooperative atmosphere for various reasons both justifiable and otherwise.

So, this dichotomy of natural variety and the inability to create unity bothers humanity.

However, if we observe without any bias there are certain aspects, areas of life and things that unite and generate enthusiasm among people everywhere. They can be broadly summarized as:-

The benefits of systems of science further enhanced through tools of multiple technologies ; the systems of economic developmental activities and the benefits that they deliver; the humanitarian approaches to social systems; the systems of spiritual aspects and philosophical concepts of religious sermons that contribute to the betterment of life; various systems of  artistic expressions like painting, literature, music, dance and so on that help to manifest many human aspirations and imaginations; multiple systems of optimum generation and better utilization of natural resources and energy; different systems of  agricultural growth; myriad systematic ways of preparing  food;  certain fundamental humane  value systems and pleasant attitudes common to whole of humanity etc.

There is one common thing for all the above i.e. the word system.

So, if some systems are in place then competition is a healthy cooperation, cohabitation leading to comfort and not a conflicting confrontation.

If systems are in place then the scope for individual or group whims and fancies mutilating it are minimized, even if it cannot be totally avoided.

Each system generates its own beliefs, isms, ideology leading to the inevitable identity.

This is a vicious circle which leads us back to square one i.e. Varieties of identities trying to dominate and in the process homogenizing for uniformity rather than contributing to unity.

So, it seems more complicated but then if we make a ven diagram of the statements above and leave out the circle of systems and do not bother about generators of systems and resulting isms, beliefs and so on. Then the items that stand out are what humanity actually need and want.

However, unfortunately we create conflicts and confrontations clinging on to the generators and the result, making dubious claims and appropriating credit for or assigning labels and worse still look out for numerical strength to justify especially through predominantly two wheels Politics and Religion and propagate everything as if they run on only these two wheels.

We give more than due importance to politics and religion and try to look at, perceive and portray everything and everyone only through these two prisms of politics and religion.

Let us recapitulate the items that stand out which are what humanity actually need and want:-

Science; [electricity has no political identity or religion]

Economic benefits; [currency has no political identity or religion]

Humanitarian approaches; [Kindness has no political identity or religion]

Spiritual aspects and philosophical concepts of religious sermons that contribute to the betterment life; [Helping and sharing with others have no political identity or religion]

Artistic expressions like painting, literature, music, dance and so on; [the sound of music or the color of a painting have no political identity or religion]

Better utilization of natural resources and energy; [Sun light has no political identity or religion

Agricultural growth; [plants and trees have no political identity or religion]

Food; [Coffee or a fruit has no political identity or religion]

Humane values; [compassion has no political identity or religion

Pleasant attitudes [helping a child or a old person has no political identity or religion] etc.

So, in this context what an ideal India needs is not refrains of [repeated references to] its past glory [which has survived and shall survive at any cost] nor restless anti-nationalism masquerading as revolution and freedom of speech to restrain ideological emancipation of Indian youth to benefit from multiple options as global citizens with broader perspective and act as ambassadors with pride of ancestry and hope for the future rather than sulk under the umbrage of  projected and exaggerated victim hood [whose sponsors have a political agenda] while  media which prioritizes sensationalism over sense propagates it.

All these negative influences want to leave the youth in suspended animation in vacuous inanity or inane vacuity so that the sponsors can fill in that vacuum or feed into that inanity with their ideology.

Idea that need to be emphasized for an ideal India are governance imbued government; policy driven governance; execution and delivery of policies; economic development as a result of those executions and delivery ; deliveries of policies becoming the focus of  parliamentary debates and discussion; parliament debates not to be misused to settle political scores; political scores not to be projected over everything else by main stream media; main stream media learning something known as positive aspects and contributions by India, Indians and for India; Indians stop giving too much of importance to main stream media and instead try to savor and share all the benefits of positivism through social media; Social media to emerge as a mass moment to ensure all the above are put in place as a system; that system will  result in positive economic development and social welfare oriented activities leading to a better India. 

It is actually good and healthy to have debates and discussions with people with various and different ideas and not pronounced biases, especially the ones scrupulously nurtured through outdated ideological identities [ideologies which deserve to be kept in the attic of a museum for fossil genetic samples- especially the breed of leftover Indian Left of which two members are part of this discussion].

So, looks like India versus anti-India match with N. Ram and Sitaram Yetchury.

I think we can go in for a re- auction of teams for this show. Otherwise it could be totally counterproductive and pollute the minds of impressionable youth that Sastra tries to educate.

There is a world of difference between exchange of ideas, thoughts and reasons and ideology based masturbation of opinions ensconced in pleasant vocabulary.

Whereas, S. Gurumurthy mostly talks with conviction and clarity, and courage born out of them, which may not necessarily be liked by all, but will motivate thinking and not generate and instigate controversies.

With this composition of the team I am not sure whether we can expect to get any ideas at all which can be collated to the idea of India itself, leave alone ideal India.

Especially with those two [N. Ram and Sitaram Yetchury- both notorious for their pronounced political bias] you cannot expect them to confine to the subject at hand that is India about which they can talk anything. So, it would be better to frame rules of the game to ensure that they   give their ideas and what they feel as ideal without either politicizing it, bringing in selectively political issues [ I am not talking about genocides in Stalin’s Russia or mass killings in West Bengal] , or masking their ideology peddling with their supposed social concern etc

It is actually good to have debates and discussions with people with various and different ideas and not pronounced biases.

Polarity principle is inherent in nature; identity is also inevitable aspect of evolution. 

But nurturing polarization and creating divisions are negative aspects leading to puerile perceptions based on petrified ideologies and putrefying the very thought process with senseless slogans and this is precisely these lefties are known for.

They exaggerate differences and instigate an imagined victim hood projection.

Importance of definition

Inevitability of evolution in everything

What is wrong with the left?

Unity and Variety

How you define decides what you need as well as what you want

I suggest reading Dr. S.Radhakrishnan’s ‘Idealist View of Life’.

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